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Tagging Guns & Needles

We offer a broad range of tagging guns for the dry process of denim & garments. These tagging guns are widely used for inserting various types of tag pins into denim garments for the tagging process, also attach the tag cards to the articles and more.

We specialize in providing an extensive range of Tagging Gun Needles, specially customized as per requirement.

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Specialty Chemicals

  • Resins For 3D Whiskers And PMT Wrinkles
  • Polyurethanes And Polyethylenes
  • Special Anti-Ozononate Softeners
  • Anti Back Stainers
  • Concentrated Enzymes [ Easy To Formulate / Dilute]

Fashion Dyes

  • Neon / Fluorescent Pigment Emulsions
  • Pigment Emulsions For Garment Dyeing
  • Fashiaano Discharge Dyes

We also develop and deal in Specialty chemicals for the denim wet process
and finishes and in developing fashion dyes.

We specialize in developing super concentrated products
that is Easy to dilute and very Economical.

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We Import Finest Quality (Whitish / Rounded) Turkey Origin
Pumice Stones / Perlite Powders / Macrolite Powders